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Friday, September 12, 2014

My amazing experience in San Blas

When I first arrived SanBlas, I thought I was in an alternate reality or that I was electronically superimposed onto my desktop background picture; turquoise water, white sand and waving palms all around. Each island I visited was unique in its own right and this place was practically unreachable until 2009 when the road to Carti was completed. However, tourists still need to book boats to make their way around these magical acre-sized cays.
I snorkeled in amazing reefs that were full of all kinds of strange colors and extraordinary fish. I practiced yoga on sand and on grass, meditated to the sounds of the ocean and paddled a kayak at night 
phosphowhere I saw amazing phosphorescence in the water all around me. I was surrounded by magic and I felt the sacredness of mother earth.
What I loved the most and what I cannot get enough of is living on the boat. By no means was I sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress and yet I had the best sleep of my life; deep and nourishing. I felt embraced and rocked to sleep by the womb of this earth. I loved the way the boat brought me to the present moment with all the daily tasks that one does to survive; it taught me what it means to work with love; without monetary value and yet it is richest sort of labor.
At night, I learnt to let go of my discomfort with darkness and with wind; I would go up the deck and feel as if we were moving and going somewhere, even though we were firmly parked, but the movement of the boat brought a sincere sense of calmness to the restlessness of my vatta mind. There was no city light around; it was so dark I needed my flashlight to make my way to my loungy spot. I learnt to let go of fear and hesitation, and just to be and accept things the way they are and it does help that the way things are is so beautiful and calm.
SanBlas has a magic and energy about it that has not been defused by the flood of tourists and their capturing cameras. It is still a piece of heaven that few know of. Sailors from all around the world know the secret and end up retiring in this place that seems to be one of the few spared from the pollution and noise of our technological age. Come and see for yourself, but bring with you a sense of generosity and gratitude; let go of your mind at the harbor and enter with humility and love. This place is still coherent and sound; lighten your footstep and be right here with us. 

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